BS - College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Plant Sciences (Horticultural Science and Design)

From the food on our plates to the homes we live in to the fuel in our vehicles, plants impact all aspects of our daily lives. As an ever-growing human population continues to increase the demand for crops and other plant products, so too does the demand for plant scientists. Plant Sciences addresses the challenges from the field to the laboratory.

The beauty of attractive indoor plant displays or ornamental species in landscapes adds value and satisfaction. Appreciating the plants around us and designing new ways to present them can lead to careers in nursery management, landscape designer, groundskeeper, or botanic gardener. Students in this area learn the basics in the classroom and advance their skills working locally (greenhouses, landscape firms) or nationally (Epcot Center, MO Botanical Gardens). Horticulturists use their knowledge of plant growth to sustainably produce flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants to enhance the environment. Careers include botanical gardens, commercial greenhouses and nurseries, landscape design firms, or life science companies.  

Photo from Mizzou Creative