Exploring Minors and Certificates

Minors and Certificates

Many departments and programs offer an option of earning a minor and/or certificate. Minors and certificates are an additional area of specialization, and each approved minor or certificate comes with its own set of requirements. Check the department’s website to see if a minor or certificate is offered and to learn the specific requirements. All minors and certificates and their requirements can also be located in the MU Catalog: MU Catalog List of degrees, minors, and certificates.

How to Declare a Minor or Certificate

Declare a minor or certificate by submitting a form online at the following link: Declaring a Minor and Certificate.  Log in using your MU pawprint and password.  Once submitted, your declaration will be processed by the division and you will be notified by email when it is approved.

When to Declare a Minor or Certificate

It is highly recommended to declare a minor or certificate after completing 6 credits of coursework toward it. Minors must be officially submitted to the minor division before graduation in order to be awarded.

Additional Notes

Minors can only be awarded if a degree is earned at the same time.

Minors cannot be earned in the same area as the major. For questions about whether a minor is in your major area, please consult with your major advisor.

Track your progress toward completing a minor by running an audit at the Degree and Minor Audit page.