Student working in a lab

Plant Sciences (Crop Management)

From the food on our plates to the homes we live in to the fuel in our vehicles, plants impact all aspects of our daily lives. As an ever-growing human population continues to increase the demand for crops and other plant products, so too does the demand for plant scientists. Plant Sciences addresses the challenges from the field to the laboratory. Students enroll in a generalized core curriculum, then further refine their expertise in the Crop Management emphasis area.  Whether from a farm or urban background, developing technology in the husbandry and protection of agronomic or horticultural crops has created this productive career track.  Students utilize a combination of classroom and outdoor experiences to prepare for one of many opportunities: crop consultant; agronomist; crop sales representative; pest management specialist; farmer or entrepreneur; and advanced education.  Many positions are applied; the participation in crop growth and protection careers will be in demand well into the future. Crop management specialists find employment with universities, the USDA Agricultural Research Service or private companies. They answer agronomic questions specific to their region, study major field and forage crops, and examine the feasibility of growing alternative crops for niche markets.  

Photo from Mizzou Creative