Many students enter MU without declaring a specific major; others have declared a major but are not sure about their choice. Exploring your options early while working with advisors and staff provides you with the opportunities and resources to explore the many fields MU has to offer and the ever-growing assortment of careers the world of work has to offer.
Mizzou offers students the option to be Exploring or Undeclared.
A Mizzou student who is considering multiple major pathways or is uncertain about what major option is their best fit. Example: I’m exploring. I like so many different major areas, I don’t know what to pick!
Note: At MU, we believe that Exploring is for more than just “undecided” students.  It is a home for any student who is considering options in more than one major or college. They are officially part of the Exploring major in the Discovery Center and are supported by Discovery Center advisors (http://discoverycenter.missouri.edu) and staff in the MU Career Center (http://career.missouri.edu), both located in the Student Success Center.
A Mizzou student who has an interest in a particular School or College but is unsure of what specific major to study. Example: I’m an undeclared Health Professions student; I know I want to work in the health care field, but I am unsure if I want to study Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences or Public Health.
Note: In some colleges, all students enter in the undeclared program to explore all options within the college and complete lower level degree requirements.