Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Though Pre-Veterinary Medicine is not an official degree program, Mizzou has resources dedicated to helping interested students pursue admission into veterinary school.  These include:

  • Both Veterinary School Admissions Manager and Student Recruiter.
  • Animal Sciences, Biology, and Microbiology advising offices.

A student should select an undergraduate major based on their interests and talents.  Since some students are not accepted into veterinary medical college, a student should enroll in the school/college offering the degree major selected as a career alternative to veterinary medicine. There is no preference given to any particular major as long as the pre-requisite courses are successfully completed.

Veterinary schools accept applicants with a variety of majors which include everything from Music to Engineering; however, most students choose a Mizzou major with degree program requirements that overlap with requirements for veterinary school such as Animal Sciences, Biology, Microbiology, or Biochemistry.

Common Career Paths

You can do nearly anything with a Mizzou degree, but here are some common career paths taken by graduates of this major:

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