Romance Languages

Romance Languages is the study of language and literature in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.   The study of a foreign language allows for the development and refinement of communication, listening and speaking skills. Such study also endows students with a concern for world affairs and an appreciation of and respect for individual differences. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Romance Languages is offered in two emphasis areas:  French and Spanish.  Students must choose one of the emphasis areas to earn the BA in Romance Languages.  Given the liberal arts foundation of a degree in Romance Languages students pursue careers in a variety of fields or continue their studies.  Graduates have pursued careers in journalism, tourism, diplomacy, and education. 

Students must choose a BA in Romance Languages with an emphasis in French, or a BA in Romance Languages with an emphasis in Spanish.  There is no offering for a BA in Romance Languages without an emphasis.

In addition, students must complete all College of Arts and Science and University graduation requirements, including University general education.

Common Career Paths

You can do nearly anything with a Mizzou degree, but here are some common career paths taken by graduates of this major: