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Psychological Sciences

The study of Psychology aims to understand the mind, behavior, and mental health.  The Bachelor of Science in Psychological Sciences (BS) degree is for students interested in a more science-oriented curriculum to better prepare them for further study in science-oriented psychology graduate programs (e.g., neuroscience, quantitative psychology), or medical school (e.g., Doctor of Medicine/MD, psychiatry), or other health-related graduate programs (e.g., pharmacy, physical therapy). The required science track is not noted on the BS diploma or transcripts, but students can indicate the science track on resumes and/or graduate school application forms. Regardless of a student’s ultimate goals, our faculty members believe that students will be best served by completing a rigorous research-oriented program of study.  Therefore, students should expect their instructors to take a scientific approach to the particular psychological content of each course. While most psychology majors plan to find employment upon graduation with the undergraduate psychology degree, some psychology majors plan to pursue further study in psychology-related graduate or professional programs. Psychological Sciences majors work in diverse fields such as community and social services, human resources, management and business, health care, student affairs and services, law enforcement, education, and scientific research.

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