BS - College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Human Physiology and Translational Sciences)

This degree program is highly multidisciplinary, integrating human physiology, nutrition, pathophysiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, sociology/psychology, and related areas to gain both a broad and a deep understanding of the determinants of human health and disease. Nutrition and Exercise Physiology spans two academic units (College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources and the School of Medicine), therefore students in this program have access to many researchers and resources represented from each unit. Students selecting this area of study will be well-prepared for health-related careers such as Medicine (allopathic and osteopathic), Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physician's Assistant, and graduate study in Biomedical/Translational Sciences.

Our programs also offer significant opportunities for undergraduate research, including an opportunity to apply for paid undergraduate research internship opportunities that span the academic year. 

Common Career Paths

You can do nearly anything with a Mizzou degree, but here are some common career paths taken by graduates of this major: