Myrlie Evers-Williams gives a talk at the Missouri Theatre.

Interdisciplinary (Black Studies)

Students in Black Studies learn about the varied experiences of people of African descent from various fields including arts and the humanities, the social sciences, the hard sciences, public policy, education, and law, to name a few. This interdisciplinary field of study focuses on African Americans, Africans, and other people in the African Diaspora.  A BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Black Studies challenges students to learn about and critically analyze the global experiences of people of African descent, including conditions that have shaped their past, as well as their present lives. The degree provides knowledge in the following: critical thinking skills to understand and effectively articulate experiences and contributions of the people who share a common heritage; ability to critically think, research, write, and analyze the black experience; communication (both oral and written), problem solving, strategic planning and a range of research skills. Students acquire such skills while they develop in-depth knowledge that is beneficial to careers in multicultural, cross-cultural, and diversity consulting, all of which are critical in 21st century employment. In addition, graduates of the degree often pursue employment or graduate studies in academic fields such as Social and Intellectual Movements, Politics, Sociology, Literature, Psychology, Music, Art, History, and many others.

Photo from Mizzou Creative