A degree in Hospitality Management (HM) provides students with all the business and managerial skills needed to succeed in a wide variety of hospitality and venue management careers.  The curriculum includes core business principles, core hospitality management concepts and advanced skills in one of the emphasis areas: Conference & Events Planning Management, Food & Beverage Management, Lodging Management, and Sport Venue Management.  The essence for these areas is that hospitality is about creating an unique and memorable experience for customers.  In Conference & Events Planning Management area, whether planning a wedding, private dinner party, business meeting, conference, festival, mega-event, or non-profit fundraising function, students learn the basics of planning and executing an event and get the opportunity to practice those skills through hands-on experience.  In Food & Beverage Management area, whether in the back of the house helping to prepare the tasty meals, managing inventory, controlling food cost or in the front of the house entertaining guests, the HM degree provides students business tools and skills to successfully manage restaurants, institutional food service establishments, or full service catering businesses.  In Lodging Management area, graduates manage and operate hotels, lodges, motels, bed & breakfast accommodations or resorts that serve either a specific audience or the general public.  Graduates use their business and entrepreneurial skills to set their establishment apart from the competition by becoming the destination everyone wants to go for those memorable family vacations, romantic weekend getaways or business retreats.  In Sport Venue Management area, students will receive specialized instructions and develop competencies in the management and operation of sport venues in addition to the business of live entertainment including sports games, tournaments, concerts and event productions.  Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students will be prepared to assume leadership positions in the dynamic and ever growing global hospitality industry.

Photo from CAFNR Marketing and Communications