A B.S. degree in Hospitality Management (HM) prepares graduates with business and managerial skills to succeed in a wide variety of hospitality management careers. The curriculum includes core hospitality business principles, hospitality management concepts, and advanced skills in a variety of industry segments, such as events and conferences, hotels and lodging, restaurant management, sport venues and entertainment management.

Program requirements provide students with the opportunity to become employed in a variety of segments in the hospitality industry. Students will analyze why cost-control is essential while being able to optimize business’ revenue through revenue management. Students will also learn how events and meetings contribute to the entire hospitality industry while the entertainment market is evolving as an important industry segment. Students will also learn basic food production, which is important knowledge and skills when students become a general manager of hotels, restaurants, or venues because food cannot be separated from the hospitality industry. The program also offers several industry-specific courses as professional electives such as gaming management, club management, beverage management, sports venue management, and many other courses.

Photo from CAFNR Marketing and Communications