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History is the chronicle of humanity’s activities throughout the ages. The study of history offers a means of understanding the present by investigating and analyzing the past. Students can choose from a wide selection of course work including courses in the history of the United States, Latin America, Europe (from ancient Greece to the present), Africa and East Asia. The curriculum provides course work in political, cultural, social, intellectual, environmental and diplomatic history.   Beyond the classroom students gain hands-on experience by working as interns at sites such as the University of Missouri Archives the Boone County History & Culture Center and The Museum of Missouri Military History.   Students skilled in research, analysis and writing are attractive to graduate schools in history, museum studies, and public affairs as well as law schools, and business schools. Many history majors obtain their teaching certificate to allow them to teach in public schools. History majors are highly recruited in many fields of business, including management, marketing and finance. Libraries, museums, archives, publishing companies, and local history and preservation projects all offer careers with the possibility of continued specialization in history.  A number of our majors have also found rewarding work in city, state and federal government, including city planning, historic preservation, and working on political campaigns locally and in Washington DC.