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Combining the ancient practices of narrative with new and emerging tools of multimedia environments, Digital Storytelling emphasizes skills in writing, digital media production, and design.  Like other forms of storytelling, digital storytelling reaches audiences for artistic, educational, and commercial purposes, translating human knowledge and experience into multimedia spaces. Training in the field requires literacy in narrative, new media, and networked communication, as well as all elements of digital production (including audio, video and animation).  A degree in Digital Storytelling prepares graduates to create multimedia narratives using a wide range of computer-based images, text, and audio and video technologies.  Coursework in the major is interdisciplinary and draws on the disciplines of Art, Communication, English, Film Studies, Journalism, and many more. Coursework will provide ample opportunities for students to develop the collaborative skills they will need in professional settings, and will also offer experiential learning opportunities both on campus and through internships in the marketplace.  A degree in Digital Storytelling prepares students for careers in business, marketing, public relations, film, multimedia art, and web development.