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Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling program is an interdisciplinary BA in the School of Visual Studies, that combines narrative and conceptually driven studies with the new and emerging multimedia tools to achieve a balance between aesthetic and imagination. This program puts storytelling first, and combines this with new and emerging technologies. The interdisciplinary program emphasizes skills in video production, emerging media, animation video art, writing and critical theory. Like other forms of storytelling, digital storytelling reaches audiences for artistic, education, and commercial purposes, translating human knowledge and experience into multimedia spaces. Students use technology and the universal art of storytelling to connect and entertain audiences, innovate, and solve human-scale problems. They work to tell stories that stimulate, provoke, and inspire.

Upon completion of the BA in Digital Storytelling students will be able to:

  • Create and interpret multi-modal stories, utilizing a range of digital tools and methodologies.
  • Exhibit proficiency in audio/visual production, animation, and/or video art for both creative and professional avenues. 
  • Demonstrate digital literacy, with a nuanced understanding of diverse critical, cultural, and historical approaches to contemporary media analysis. 

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