The BS in Data Science is offered in three focus areas through two colleges. Students electing the computer science focus earn their degree from the College of Engineering. Students electing either the mathematics focus or the statistics focus earn their degree from the College of Arts and Science. The choice of a focus area allows students to take specialized coursework in whichever of the three areas they have the most interest. The degree, BS in Data Science, is the same for all three focuses.

The BS in Data Science is an interdisciplinary degree built on a core triad of fields: statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Students in this program will learn how to acquire, analyze, communicate, and develop models from data through application of statistical, mathematical, and computer science skills. They will also learn data ethics and governance, including legitimate use and algorithmic fairness, as well as privacy, security, and stewardship. In their final year, students will demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge and skills and integrate them into a major data science project. The program allows students to complete their major and general education requirements with room for additional minors or certificates to further prepare them for careers or advanced study. With careful planning, students are also able to complete a second major in the affiliated triad disciplines (CS, Math, Statistics) or in Information Technology. Students who complete the BS in Data Science are prepared for careers in virtually every sector of industry, government, and academia, as well as advanced degrees.

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