Chemistry is the study of matter and substances in order to understand, explain and predict how substances change.  The BS degree is designed for those students who desire a more focused education in Chemistry and related Sciences than that provided by the BA degree, which is more general.  There are three degree tracks for those who are pursuing a BS.  The American Chemical Society certification track is recommended for BS students who desire professional employment as chemists or who plan to pursue graduate education in chemistry.  A medicinal chemistry track is available to BS students who plan careers in the health professions or in pharmaceutical, clinical or medicinal chemistry.  The third BS track, leading to simultaneous completion of a BS in Chemistry and a BSEd in Secondary Education with Emphasis in Chemistry, is appropriate for those students who wish to teach chemistry in secondary schools.  Most chemistry majors continue their education in the best graduate schools or professional schools in the country.  Many of our graduates are now physicians or have teaching and research careers at universities and colleges.  Other graduates are managers in industry and specialists in their fields.

Photo from Connecticut College