The School of Visual Studies' Art program offers opportunities for creative development, provides instruction in visual literacy, and trains students in the necessary technical and conceptual skills needed to pursue a lifetime of creative activity.  Through a variety of studio art courses, students learn critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and become life-long learners. The Art program offers courses in ceramics, drawing, fibers, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  The BA degree is a liberal arts degree in which students complete 30 - 40 hours of studio art courses and 9 hours of courses in Art History. Students who earn a degree in art pursue a variety of careers, including professional artists and illustrators; art educators; museum and gallery curators and directors; commercial and studio designers; and graphic, web, print and packaging designers. Most businesses are looking for creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers, and these are skills acquired in an art degree.

Photo from Mizzou Creative

Common Career Paths

You can do nearly anything with a Mizzou degree, but here are some common career paths taken by graduates of this major: