CAFNR Students at South Farm use new technology at the MU Beef Research and Teaching Farm.

Agribusiness Management combines skills in management, finance, marketing and agriculture production. Students can address bottom-line questions about the production, distribution and use of the world’s agricultural resources and apply business concepts and problem-solving techniques to resource allocation and business decisions that affect the global food supply.  The solid foundation of business skills and agricultural knowledge acquired prepares students for any number of careers, including Finance, Marketing and Management.  In Finance graduates become a leader in both the public and private business and finance sectors.  Whether making decisions about the daily operation of a small business or cooperative to the complex marketing issues of a multi-national company or large agribusiness cooperative, the financial services provided are in high demand at each stage of the supply chain – from farm inputs to the supermarket.  In Marketing, one of the key competitive advantages of our students is the understanding of supply chain management which is extremely important to grasp in marketing food and biofuels. Agribusiness management graduates often are employed in a wide variety of careers that involve the buying, selling, distribution and promotion of agricultural food, fiber and biofuels products, assisting an organization such as the National Corn Growers Association with its promotion efforts or develop advertising strategies for a food-processing company such as Nabisco.  In Management, Agribusiness Management majors take leadership roles in developing new companies and leading existing corporations and cooperatives.  These range from small rural businesses to international powerhouses like Monsanto or Land O’Lakes.

Photo by Kyle Spradley, CAFNR Marketing and Communications