Hospitality Management (Food and Beverage Management)

I am Interested in This Major

The hospitality industry plays a vital role in U.S. economic development and employment, as well as in the global communities.  While running a business requires strong marketing, finance and communication skills, the hospitality industry requires all these and more.  Hospitality managers must create an experience for guests so unique and memorable that they are satisfied and want to return repeatedly.  A B.S. in Hospitality Management provides students with all the business and managerial skills needed to succeed in a wide variety of hospitality and sport management careers.  The curriculum includes core business skills and core Hospitality Management skills.  In the B.S. in Hospitality Management with emphasis in Food and Beverage Management, whether in the kitchen supervising the production of a variety of food, managing inventory and controlling costs, or in the dining room entertaining guests and delivering quality service, students are provided the business tools to successfully manage a restaurant.  Those same tools can also be used to operate a full service catering business and other food service establishments.  

Photo from CAFNR Marketing and Communications