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Athletic training is a health care profession in which the Athletic Trainer assumes responsibility for the overall health care of the athletic population, particularly having an integral role in the prevention, recognition, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Athletic Trainers have been employed in traditional settings including high schools, colleges, universities, professional sports teams, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. The practice of athletic training also includes, but is not limited to, physicians’ offices, corporate and industrial institutions, the military and the performing arts.  Regardless of the practice setting, Athletic Trainers practice athletic training (or provide athletic training services) according to educational preparation and state practice act. The Athletic Training Program consists of a one-year pre-professional phase followed by a three-year professional phase.  Athletic Training is a professional program requiring secondary admission and a clinical education component. Clinical education experiences are completed at locations on and off campus during the three-year professional phase.

Common Career Paths

You can do nearly anything with a Mizzou degree, but here are some common career paths taken by graduates of this major: